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In response to the tabloid article published earlier today, I urge you read this translation of a Chinese Sasaeng's account of what actually happened during Tao, Sehun and Suho's trip to Sanya during Chuseok holidays. She gives a full, detailed account of what happened, and also show us how dangerous and awful the situation was.


Even if you aren’t interested in this particular event, I urge you to read it, because it gives insight to the actions of Sasaengs and WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IT.

I don’t want to translate Sasaeng accounts or use their photos but I hope this will get the message across!!


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the OP said that she has been following sehun and trying to give him presents a lot of time, but sehun didn’t receive, when he saw her again, he recognized her then subtly explained to her by saying in chinese "bu xing (i can’t receive presents)" and smiled shyly [x]

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exo’s weak maknaes

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makeup artist and hairstylist working their magic

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Do Kyungsoo as Han Kangwoo for It’s Okay It’s Love

It’s been what uhhhh 7 weeks since we first had our encounter with awkward Actor Soo during the premiere of it’s Okay It’s Love. And he can’t even shed a tear then! but look at him now, 7 weeks after. just. seven. weeks. i didn’t even recognize our awkward, camera-shy, squishy Do Kyungsoo when i saw these scenes. it was flawless. that eye-acting was exemplary. just wow.  i hope he gets more acting projects in the future. i would love to see him grow as an actor. Our talented squishy, you make us very proud. ╥﹏╥

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kaisoo choosing each other on shows for anon  ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )
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tao aka the hyper baby that needs to be paid a lot of attention to or he will harm himself

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luhan hugging sehun after he reached the finish line

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